Pre-Order Policy

Pre-order Deposits

Payment is required for each item that is pre-ordered. In order to pre-order the full amount will be charged upfront.

Pre-Order Expected Dispatch dates: 

All products on pre-order will have an expected dispatch date indicated on the product description. These dates are subject to change as it is completely at the manufacturer's discretion.

All payments received are:

  • Non transferable to other purchases or models

  • Are refundable if you cancel your order. (£10 penalty will be deducted from the original paid amount for each item refunded.)

  • Refundable in full if we cannot supply you with the model pre-ordered due to an allocation by the manufacturer. (No penalty fee will be deducted)

  • Refundable in full if the model is cancelled by the Manufacturer.

  • Refundable If the model has not been released from 9 months of your Original order date and you wish to cancel. (Please note the 9 Months Cancellation Condition is Void when the model has been released)

Multiple Item Orders:

  • If multiples items were ordered and one or more are on pre-Order, we would make contact with you to find out who you would prefer to receive the orders, all at the same time, or once all the items have become available. 

Pre-order Cancellations

When you receive notification of your pre-order coming into stock and you no longer require the model you pre-ordered, please notify us via our Contact Us Page within 7 days.

Refunds are made at our discretion.